Midlife Riot

Rock, Alternative, Other

Midlife Riot is the brainchild of Myk Robinson, formerly of A Little Hostile and Where Moth and Rust Destroy. Myk is the primary writer, plays guitar, and handles vocals, accompanied by David Barber (guitar/vocals), Jason Robertson (bass) and Edward Melton (drums). This four piece bring a powerful cross genre sound, fusing elements of mathrock, Midwest emo, scream, pop, rock, metal, and a touch of country, and seamlessly blends the styles and backgrounds of each member into a a refreshingly new yet somehow nostalgic sound.

How to book:

Contact Myk Robinson by email at myk.robinson@gmail.com, or message band on the Facebook page. As we are new, pricing is negotiable with the understanding that a business is taking a risk on a new act. We’d be happy to discuss the needs of the venue or event and provide a quote based on the requirements.

What kind of live music:
Covers & Originals
Favorite song to perform:
"Blue Drift"