Jackson, TN: The Past, Present, and Future of Modern-Day Music

Jackson, TN: The Past, Present, and Future of Modern-Day Music

A Road Heavily Traveled

Before music traveled by radio waves and wifi, it traveled through railroads, including Jackson, TN which was a major hub bringing music into the heartland of the South. 

Music legends like Sonny Boy Williamson, Carl Perkins, Tina Turner, and W.S Holland played that old school blues, gospel, and country music, paving the way for modern music and a whole new generation of musicians.

A Rich Music Scene Built on Tradition

Jackson’s heart and soul have always been music — and will always be. Jackson’s community shows love and support for local artists and the musicians always go out of their way to put on spectacular shows. 

Jackson boasts an eclectic mix of new-age music from every genre ranging from hip hop to alt rock, tracing back to the roots of southern music tradition.

Who’s Leading the Way

With Jackson’s rich musical tradition, it’s no surprise that we’re also home to inspiring young artists and musicians. With more and more talented artists placing roots here, we’ve built a community that loves and supports them. 

Jackson is conveniently located just a few hours from Memphis, Nashville, and St. Louis, so artists can easily tour larger cities while still returning to their hometown for love and support by their biggest fans.

Music Spans Generations