Venue Resources

Venue Resources

Venues play a pivotal role in the success of live music events. The resources provided here are designed to assist venues in fostering productive collaborations with musicians. From understanding technical requirements to creating a supportive atmosphere for artists, these guidelines can help ensure both memorable performances for audiences and positive experiences for performers. Utilize these tools to enhance your venue’s reputation as a premier destination for live music in the community.

Fair Treatment for Musicians

Show your support for local musicians by committing to fair treatment and pay when hiring them for an to play at your venue. Being a musician is a dedicated profession that demands years of practice, investment in quality equipment, and significant amounts of time to develop the necessary skills.

Recognizing the value of musicians’ expertise and the resources they put into their art is crucial for fostering a vibrant and sustainable music community. By acknowledging and fairly compensating musicians, we not only ensure their livelihood but also contribute to flourishing the artistic landscape in Jackson, Tennessee.

Musician Rates and Fees

Rates are determined by multiple factors, including the musicians’ experience and expertise. Highly skilled artists who have been honing their craft for years will have higher fees because of the value of their expertise. Popularity and demand also contribute significantly.

The type of event and venue, duration and scope of the performance, and the geographical location are other factors that influence pricing. Musicians may tailor rates based on the specific needs of the client in the terms outlined in the contract or agreement.

Ultimately, recognizing the elements that contribute to musicians’ rates fosters a fair and equitable approach to compensating these artists for their unique skills and contributions to Jackson’s music scene.

Suggested Music Rate Ranges Per Musician
First Gig/Early Career $100-$200
Mid Career $300-$700
Experienced $800+
How to Find Local Musicians

Discover the perfect musician for your event by exploring the diverse pool of local artists in Jackson through the Jackson Hidden Tracks Artist Directory. These are just some of the musicians our city has to offer.

We are continually urging local musicians to sign up for Jackson Hidden Tracks to allow venues and event planners to find local artists.

Agreements and Contracts
It is always best practice to send over a contract that clearly states what is agreed upon for the event including the responsibilities of each party. This can be done through a simple email, or, for larger corporations, a legitimate contract should be used.
Questions to Ask the Musician
  • What is the arrival time to allow for unloading and sound checks?
  • What is the start time and preferred introduction?
  • Who is the point person during the performance?
  • What is the expected finish time?
  • What breaks are required during the performance?
  • Does the band provide lighting and sound equipment?
  • Is the lighting and sound equipment (or P.A.) the correct one for the size of the venue?
  • Do they provide a sound guy?
  • Do they need a green room?
  • Let the band know if you have any specific song requests.
Other Best Practices for Venues
  • It can be a bit inconvenient for a band to track down a manager for payment before leaving. Ideally, a proactive manager will have payment ready and find the band shortly after the gig concludes for a better experience for both. If paying by check, it’s important to consider that the band will need to divide the money among its members. A thoughtful gesture is to offer to cash the check in-house, allowing the band to split the earnings right away.
  • You want the band to bring a following, but promotion needs to come both ways. The next time you advertise a food or drink special, mention the band and event.
  • If something is bugging you during the gig, don’t hold back—speak up while there’s still time to tweak things. Do you feel like the band’s cranking it up a bit too much? Pass a friendly note to the frontman after the third song. Give the band a shot at fixing things if you think there’s an issue.
  • If you liked the band and they’ve done a good job for you, contact them to re-book. Nothing is more flattering to a band than for the venue to invite them back. Nothing is more confusing to a band than to have played a good show and then never hear from the venue again. If you have your calendar ready, consider rebooking the band right after a show, before they have left your venue. Make sure you do not double-book two musicians for the same date.
Attitude and Venue Culture
Word travels quickly in the music industry. Negative feedback about venues can circulate among musicians, just as venues can hear about difficult artists. However, positive experiences can also gain momentum. Ensuring you’re recognized for the right reasons is crucial. Mutual support for the music scene is beneficial for all involved. For venues hosting regular events, investing in quality music, stage, sound, and lighting equipment significantly supports musicians, particularly those just starting or those who prefer not to transport heavy gear. By following these guidelines, you contribute to the betterment of the music community in the city we love.